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Real EstateCongratulations on starting the process of shopping for or selling a house. There are no restrictions on foreigners — no nationality forbidden,” as Mr. Elsener put it. This home has clear title, an official documented historical past of earlier possession. In the Medina, solely about 10 p.c of properties are in that class, and it gives their buyers a major benefit. No person can come and say, ‘My grandparent gave me half of this home,’ ” Mr. Elsener said. It’s a very secure transaction.” And with out the title, the buyer might have been subjected to a lengthy bureaucratic process and a fee of nearly $9,000 in tax and authorized fees, to be able to receive correct documentation from the City of Fez.

It is my opinion that Toronto has been cool for a long time. Naysayers that maintain Montreal up as the Capital of Cool till Toronto trumped it a while within the Eighties haven’t any reminiscence of Painters eleven, the beatniks of Gerrard Avenue Village, Yorkville, Moses Znaimer, SCTV or the unique CFNY.

As we speak, Toronto is cooler than ever, and far of its cool currency lies in what artists and graphic designers have found: it has extra layers than an onion. Mirrored in every neighbourhood and its signage is an Anglo core with a dozen or more layers applied by waves of immigration; John Graves Simcoe’s inflexible road grid explodes into sudden parks or is stymied by meandering ravines; and previous industrial lands are breeding grounds for brand spanking new sorts of living.

The city has two distinct real estate markets: the Medina, and all the pieces else. Prosperous Moroccans tend to buy within the new part of Fez, Mr. Sola mentioned. Virtually all properties within the Medina are Moroccan-owned, often passed down by means of families, he added. However when a foreigner does buy property in Fez, it’s more likely to be in the Medina.

There are two mezzanine rooms in the home, one on the staircase landing between the primary and second floors, the other between the second flooring and the roof. The roof terrace overlooks the Medina, a sea of satellite dishes on old rooftops, several minarets within the distance, and Mount Zalagh past. On the roof are two rooms, one used as a laundry room.

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